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Rose Bath

Rose Bath

This luxurious rosé bath   is a great way to de-stress skin and mind and the smell is heavenly!

Made with 100% pure handcrafted Rose Water and pure therapeutic essential oils no additives, no chemicals all natural ingredients:

Here's whats in it:

Rose Water: Helps to hydrate, moisturize and smooth out skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties calm and ease stressed, irritated skin while having antibacterial properties. The Antioxidants in roses is said to help regenerate skin tissue.

Clary sage: Promotes peace of mind by calming muscles and nerves and helps to provide clarity to wrestles thoughts. (Like when you can’t seem to shut down your brain because it just keeps over analyzing everything)

 Lavender: We all know the calming effects of this oil but among dozens of benefits it’s an amazing agent to gently fight skin infections because it’s a natural antiseptic (which basically means it kills all kinds of germs/bacteria on the skin)

15 USD
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