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Higher Frequency: Perfume Oil

Higher Frequency: Perfume Oil

Higher Frequency helps you HEAL, MEDITATE and BALANCE everyday. This Unisex Perfume oil is made with essential oils and fragrance oils, providing you with a healthy perfume.  

Ingredients and benefits:
Sandalwood (essential oil and fragrance oil): Has been considered a holy oil throught different cultures. Physically Sandalwood helps relieve stress by aiding to reduce blood pressure. It helps soothe skin and relax nerves and muscles. Sandalwood is a natural disinfectant, it's fragrance helps keep away microbes and small insects. It helps improve the memory by powering concentration, perfect for meditation and grounding.

Lavender essential oil: One of the most commonly used for relieving stress and tension. Helps you relax and ease away depression and anxiety. Equally beneficial to your skin, protecting you from harmful viruses.

Frankincense essential oil: Highly emotionally and spiritually grounding. This oil has been used for thousands of years in prayer and meditation. Helps us return to our center and balance. Frankincense is equally beneficial to our physical wellness, helping to regenerate cells and heal our skin.

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