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Happy Mama Body Oil

Happy Mama Body Oil

This blend could have also been called “Powerful, loving Mama” as the oils help provide a sense of self love and empowerment as you move through motherhood. This body oil is multiuse as it is safe to use as a hair and face serum, as a soothing feet message and because it is 100% natural and toxic free, safe to use as a breast soother for breast feeding mothers. *always test on skin patch before using for allergies.

Ylang – Ylang: Physically Helps balance hormones, Promotes healthy skin and hair, Supports normal blood pressure, Lifts mood while having a calming effect.

Emotionally: On a strictly emotional and spiritual level, ylang ylang essential oil is truly the oil of the heart. It can help us connect to our own heart, process things from the heart, and heal emotional traumas. It's also thought to be the oil of the inner child, helping us connect to our own sense of inner joy and being in the moment, as children so easily do. This allows us to play, release bottled up emotions, and move back into our sense of trust in the process of Life.

Bergamot: Physically Relieves muscle spasms, Muscle aches, Emotional upset, Calming and soothing aroma, Promotes healthy, clear skin.

Emotionally: Bergamot oil is all about one's sense of self: self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-judgment. This oil helps us do the work necessary to step out of our fears of not being good enough, or our habits of holding back for fear of rejection of Who We Are, and helps us to learn to love and accept ourselves. It teaches us to find validation within, accept our own authenticity, and not spend so much time worrying about what others will think about it.

Ginger: Physically Helps ease indigestion and nausea, Promotes digestion, Supports overall digestive health.

Emotionally: One of the lesser known health benefits of ginger essential oil is the affect it has on our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Ginger has also been called the "oil of empowerment", addressing feelings of powerlessness, patterns of fears of victimization, and creating an inner fire and strength to step into a role of leader in one's own life.

Each bottle is hand crafted with high grade all natural, therapeutic essential oils and blessed with lots of love from me to you.

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