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Global Super Girls Event

Global Super Girls Event

Girls ages 4-10 years old are invited to participate in our celebration for Women's History Month. These gatherings are rooted in a wish for girls to have access to more than gendered princess fairytales. We want to ignite girls imaginations by introducing them to super girls and women of the world. ConsciousXplorer will take participants on a journey around the world to learn about two Global Super Girls, Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian Woman Astronaut and Ixkaxochitl an indigineous leader of the Nahua (Aztec) culture. Through interactive projects focused on adventure, curiosity, and wellness the participants will be immersed in the lives of these Super Women. The session will involve creative activities for girls to discover the influences, experiences and daily realities that shape the Global Super Girls.

Then of course we will play dress-up!

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