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Self-love Elixir

Self-love Elixir

If you need a boost of energy and self confidence, this little blend of essential oils and rose helps create energy for your early morning runs, workouts, when you have to sit in a long meeting or when you just need an extra boost of self love and need to release your self from negative emotions: It includes these essential oils:

Rosemary: helps increase concentration when your brain is tired in the morning or when it's fried late in the day.

Grapefruit: is uplifting, joyful, helps power up energy and helps cut back sugar cravings.

Bergamont: this one promotes self love, is anti-depressant and stimulating and is also a natural detoxifier that helps release with emotional release and aids digestion.

Caution: Avoid exposure to sunlight when using citrus oils.
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