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Conscious Booch 32oz

Conscious Booch 32oz

32oz Original Flavor
Conscious Booch is a handmade, handcrafted Kombucha. Made in small batches with the out most love for the highest quality benefits to your health, gut and well being.

We believe in a conscious, sustainable life. We offer a bottle exchange service, for every returned bottle you will receive a discount off your next booch! Sorry no shipping, Only pick up service in the Pilsen and Loop area of Chicago at this time. (Scroll through pics for ingredients)

What is it? Kombucha is a fermented tea known as a wellness elixir for thousands of years. It is filled with probiotics and a great source for gut health.

What is it good for? Kombucha adapts to your body needs and helps keep an overall healthy system. Great source to your immune system and serves as a liver filter helping to keep you balanced. If you're new to this drink, start with small doses (6-8oz) these little bacteria soldiers work fast on your digestive system and help start a cleansing process. If you drink Kombucha regularly, 8-16oz is the recommended amount.

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