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Busy Bee Tonic Facial Mist 1oz

 1oz  or 2oz

Balances Skin and Spirit!

Busy Bee Tonic helps give you natural clarity and mental focus. Made with a blend of Clary Sage, Rosemary, Frankincense and other essential oils to help restore balance through the day.

Use it for:

·         Skin Care

·         Anxiety

·         Concentration

·         Moodiness

·         Air and Hand Sanitizer

·         Hormonal imbalance

·         Creative work

·         Uncertainty

·         Immune system

·         Travel Fatigue

·         Restore Balance

·         Yoga

·         Aromatherapy

Made with 100% Natural Ingredients 

How to use: Spray on hands, cuff hands and bring in close to face, breathe in deeply for a "pick me up" or spray on face to refresh skin.  

Always test for sensitivity before using on face.

*Made to order, each spray is made fresh. 

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15 USD
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