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Beard Oil Tonic

Beard Oil Tonic

Now available, fresh and made to order! Beard Oil Tonic made with grape seed oil, essential oils and all natural ingredients. Made as a serum for your beard or soothing oil as an after shave, never greasy. Balances your skin and mind.
Great as a morning uplift! place on your hands and slowly breath in before morning meditation.

Made with:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Antiseptic,Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory: Helps heal wounds, minor cuts and sores. Protects open wounds from developing infections.
It's a great cooling refreshing agent that helps with stress. increases blood flow to the brain and helps with mental exhaustion. Rosewood: is Antibacterial and Antidepressant. Helps rejuvenate the skin and spirit. Lavender: has natural calming effects but among dozens of benefits it’s an amazing agent that gently fights skin infections because it’s a natural antiseptic which means it kills all kinds of germs/bacteria on the skin. Wild Chamomile: Helps ease, calm and balance mind and spirit. Peppermint: Cooling and soothing, reduces skin and nail infections, helps relieve headaches and refreshes your skin.
Refreshing, healing and antibacterial!
20 USD
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